F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there restrictions on arrival and departure times?

We ask the students to arrive and depart at these times mainly for logistic reasons. As you can imagine organizing the arrival of flights from Spain Italy and France so that all the students arrive and depart more or less at the same time is quiet difficult .We also have a 2 ½ hr drive before we get to Dungarvan and to return to Dublin or Cork.

Is my child met by someone at the Airport?

The Directors, Mary Magee and Karla Venturi and Coordinators meet all students at the airport and accompany them to Dungarvan where they meet their host Irish Families.

Do I need a passport?

When travelling to Ireland you need a passport OR a valid form of identification issued by your government for international travel -In either case please check that the document you are using is in date and will be in date for the duration of the trip. We also recommend making a photocopy of either document as this makes it easier to replace in case it is lost.

What documents do I need for a minor?

Please note that rules and regulations for children travelling alone may vary by country, so please check the applicable regulations with the local country authorities.
Aerlingus regulations
Young passengers between the ages of 12 and 15 inclusive will be accepted on Aer Lingus flights on the basis that they are travelling as an adult and subject to the following requirements:

The parent or guardian will be required to sign a Form of Indemnity at the airport on the day of departure confirming that Aer Lingus has no responsibility to provide special assistance to these passengers. In the case of a return ticket, the Form of Indemnity will also cover the return flight. Aer Lingus will deny boarding to any unaccompanied young person between the age of 12 and 15 inclusive should the parent /guardian fail to complete this form.

The parent or guardian will need to accompany the young passenger to the airport and go to the check-in desk where they may be asked to provide a form of identification.

Young passengers MUST NOT use online check-in or an airport check-in kiosk.

Unaccompanied Minors

Aer Lingus does not accept reservations for unaccompanied children under 12 years of age for travel on Aer Lingus scheduled services.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older.

Italian citizens under the age of 14 will not be allowed travel to or from Ireland unless accompanied by and adult( over 18yrs with relevant authorisation from local Questura .This documentation may take a few weeks to obtain

What happens if we are unable to attend at the last minute?

Please see our terms and conditions regarding cancellation refunds
The cost of the flight will not be covered by us in case of cancellation . If wished, travel insurance can be purchased when reserving flight; this will cover flight cancellation in certain circumstances.

While in Ireland
What should my child bring with them?

Medical insurance, a warm sweater, a rain jacket and a swim cap. It is best to dress in layers as the weather in Ireland is changeable.

Do they need to bring sheets and towels?

No, the family will provide sheets and towels.

How much money do they need to bring?

The costs of all activities are included in school fee so the students only need money for personal shopping.

What is the weather like?

This is the most difficult question to answer! Summer temperatures can go from 16-26°C but it is usually around 16-20 and is changeable -As they say in Ireland if you don't like the weather…. wait 10 minutes!!

Do I need to get and Irish Sim card?

No, students can contact their families by skype, or parents can just telephone the host families on their private line to make contact.

Will my phone work in Ireland?

There are usually no problems but we do recommend getting in touch with your mobile provider re roaming charges before leaving your country.

How can I contact my child?

By Skype, Facetime, Messanger, WhatsApp or the host family's private number which is supplied to all before leaving .

Will my computer / electrical appliances work in Ireland?

Yes with the correct adaptor.
We have (3pin flat plugs) with electrical current of 220-240 AC Suitable adaptors can be purchased at the airport but are usually cheaper at your local electrical store.

My child is allergic to animals do you have families without pets?

Yes, BUT full details of allergy must be declared when booking the course and then a suitable Host Family will be found.

What if my child is sick?

Mary (Magee) or Karla Venturi will accompany the student to the doctor and the family will be kept up-to-date on all progress. Please remember to fill out the medical authorization form and send it to karla@claddaghenglishschoolireland.com

Can I get in touch with the host family?

Yes by telephone or email.

When do I know who my child is staying with?

Host family details will be sent during the first week in June.

Do you know the families?

Yes, very well.
All Host Families are carefully selected by us.
We always visit and inspect the accommodation provided and we meet the entire family including their 'Pets'!!

How do you decide what class they are in?

All students take a placement test on the first day .The children are then placed in the class suitable for their level .We take into account that the students may be nervous when taking the test so sometimes a student may be moved up or down a grade according to their ability.

What type of activities do they do in the afternoon?

Water sports to include kayaking, canoeing, fishing ...indoor/outdoor sports, badminton, volleyball, basketball, kick boxing...football, rugby, rock climbing, archery, golf, swimming, , beach game, hillwalking, BBQ, crab fishing.....traditional Irish evening of song and dance, African drums session, arts and crafts , Irish dance class, hip-hop class, 1 supervised disco per week (July course only) and many other fun activities

How do they get to school?

The students are brought to school by the family in the morning and are collected by them in the evening at a designated time and pick up point.

Where are the teachers from?

All teachers are from Ireland and have a University degree and several years' teaching experience.

How many hours a day do they spend in class?

They spend four full hours in class. Break s and Lunch are not included in this.

Do they get homework?

Just a little to help them to challenge their English level during the evening!!

Can they change class during the course?

Yes, The children sit a placement test on the day they arrive .As it's their first day they may be nervous and not do as well as they should .So the students are carefully monitored in class and may be changed up or down a level depending on their progress.

Is someone with them when they go on the afternoon excursions?

Yes, at least one of the Directors together with coordinators accompany the students on all afternoon activities. The children will have one hour free in Dungarvan town each afternoon before meeting their host family.